Monday, June 12, 2006

Aromi d'Italia in Guilderland

Update: Aromi d'Italia has changed names and format. See our post on the new Café Teria.
Update: Aromi d'Italia continues to vary their menu. The other day they had a fantastic chilled soup - chilled Jamaican pineapple with Coconut ice (using a coconut gelato). One of the best soups I've ever had.
My wife and I had lunch today at Aromi D'Italia. It's a fairly small Italian place in Star Plaza (SW corner of the intersection of 155 & 20 in Guilderland).

The front of the place has a Gelato counter, and the Gelato is great! A lot of choices (including some relatively healthy varieties and the stuff we shouldn't eat too).

In the back is the dining area with some tables, but not very many - probably less than 20 total, and maybe only 15. The kitchen, or at least part of it, is in between the Gelato and the dining area. It is somewhat open so you can see some cooking going on. I never bother to watch, but it's there if you're interested.

The staff is very pleasant, both at the Gelato and in the dining area.

What stands out (besides the Gelato) is the great menu. They don't have the extreme variety of dishes you might find at some places, and they don't have all the Italian standards on the menu, but they do have a number of interesting dishes you probably won't find elsewhere. They also change the menu once in a while (maybe it's a seasonal thing), so if you keep going back you'll always see something new.

If you like to try something different, this is a great place. Also, I have been told in the past that they will make whatever you want. Just tell the waiter/waitress what you want and they'll make it if they can. So if your favorite Italian classic isn't on the menu, and you want it bad, don't be afraid to ask.

Today I was a bit adventurous and tried a new dish -- stuffed peppers. They were stuffed with a potato orzo pasta and a couple varieties of rice. I didn't love this particular dish, but that's what happens when you try new things. I usually do love the meals I get here. I should mention that my wife liked her Chicken Caesar sandwich (I think they call it a Panini), and we both liked our soups.

And I bought some Gelato too (the healthy kind) and brought it to the office for future indulgence.

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Albany Jane said...

You know, I've been looking for a place with really good gelato lately! What perfect timing.

Thanks, Warren!