Monday, June 26, 2006

Mino Sushi/Thai in Colonie

Update: Mino's was renamed Noi's, and we think it may have closed recently. Bangkok Thai is still open and still good.
I've been there twice, in less than a month, so I must like it, right?

The first time I went to Mino I tried a little sushi. Wasn't bad, but not anything special either. I won't order sushi there again, but that's my picky Japanophile thing.

The important thing about Mino is the Thai food. We don't have a lot of Thai food in the area. Funny that this place located itself within a mile of Bangkok Thai (BT), the only other decent Thai place I know about around here. BT is on Wolf Road near Central, while Mino is on Central just west of Wolf (across from L-Kens).

Like Bangkok Thai, the Thai food here is pretty good. Neither is on a par with the average in NYC or Silicon Valley, but they're good quality Thai food. I haven't been to Bangkok Thai in a while now, so I can't compare the two very well.

I've only had a few dishes in Mino so far. The beef salad dish was okay, but didn't have as much flavor as I expect - that one is probably better at BT. The Pad Thai at Mino was quite good last time. We also got a beef curry dish (red curry, I think). That was an error on their part - it was supposed to be chicken. It was pretty good but didn't blow me away. Decent flavor, but the sauce didn't have the creamy richness I expect from a Thai curry. The first time we were there I remember having the Tom Kha Gai soup (chicken with coconut milk). I remember that being so-so. Maybe the chicken was overcooked.

Don't take the criticism too seriously. I'll be going back. I love Thai food.

I forgot to mention the Thai Iced Tea. Very good (at both places).

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