Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dewey's Diner in Albany - Not Good

I had a Seinfeld moment this morning. I stopped at Dewey's Diner on Fuller Road in Albany. The food was okay. I had an omelette. It was a little more expensive than I expected, but that's not the issue.

The total was $7. I put two singles on the counter as a tip and was putting the other single in with my cash when I dropped two $50 bills. As they neared the floor they suddenly swooshed under the counter. I got down to look and there was an open duct - no grate over it. The money was gone.

I asked the waitress where the duct goes. She said it doesn't go anywhere. I asked to speak to the owner. She said she is a part-owner and there's nothing that can be done.

The anger started boiling up inside me, but I had the sense to get out of there. I was worried I might be taken over by a Costanza-like rage and do something really stupid.

I did take the $2 tip back.

Dewey's Diner - Not recommended!
Update (8/2/2010): I thought this story was over, but someone named Marty associated with Dewey's Diner called me today. To his credit, he was going to write me a check for $100 to make up for the loss. But he kept tellng me how I rushed to judgment by writing this blog post, and that I should go over to the diner and apologize.

When he first called I was going to delete it, but he kept digging into me telling me how I was wrong and I should apologize. That anger boiled over again - Serenity Now!!!!

My suggestion that they should put grates over the ducts didn't seem worthwhile to him. Also, he kept telling me I'm out of touch with regular working people because I think $7 for an omelette is a bit expensive in a diner that looks like a cheap dive (inside and out). Apparently that's because I'm a lawyer. And he's going to tell people not to vote for me.

I'm not wrong and I'm not out of touch. Regular people get angry when they lose $100 for no good reason. And regular people don't like being told they're wrong when they're not wrong. I'm also a small business owner. I know if you screw up and your customer gets hurt, you don't tell the customer to apologize. Keep your $100 Marty.

By the way, I checked two diners I go to more frequently. An omelette with home fries and toast varies, but most of them are about $5.50. Not only was $107 a lot to pay for an omelette, but even $7 is overpriced.
Since this post is getting so many comments, I checked something else out:
The County inspection record.

There is a persistent "hazard" in their inspection reports:
"Lighting and ventilation inadequate, fixtures not shielded, dirty ventilation hoods, ductwork, filters, exhaust fans"

They've been cited for problems with ventilation and ductwork five times in a row, dating back to January of 2007.

Marty - You might want to do something about the ductwork. Just sayin'.


Anonymous said...


Diner Guru said...

I have eaten at just about every diner in the tri-city area over the last 10 years. You a wrong about Dewey's Diner. Not only is the food very good, but the prices are very reasonable, especially considering the hearty portion sizes. You also get that warm Dewey greeting, sense of humor and the atmosphere is like being at home. Don't judge the place by its exterior look, judge it by the folks who run it and the food they serve. You won't find a better breakfast spot.

Unknown said...

The portion size was decent. The prices were not outrageous but they were still more than I expected and higher than other, nicer diners. The atmosphere is nothing special.

But everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

Anonymous said...

My personal opinion on Deweys Diner is. I have been going to Deweys for a long time. I look forward to going on Saturdays and getting my favorite breakfast. She makes the best homefries around. I find the prices to be quite reasonable. The owners of this establishment are very freindly and caring people and always make you feel welcome like family when you come there. So any time you want a freindly atmosphere and great food just go to Deweys Diner and you will not be disappointed. To the lawyer who is making all the comments you should know that you do not judge a book by it's cover. Also, you oviously have never had real home cook food. She makes all her food in front of you and from scratch. LIke I said before give Deweys a try, you will not be disappointed.
Martha S.

Anonymous said...

You know if a stranger came into my diner and told me he lost $100.00 I would question it myself. Did he tell anyone that the Dewey's told him to come back after they closed and they would look for his money??..NO Did he tell you that they did look for the money and DID find it??....NO Do I think they should sue his ass for slander??..ABSOLUTELY !!!
And $7.00 for an omlette the size that Dewey's serves, well I dare him to find one bigger for $7.00.

Unknown said...

They never told me that they would look for it, nor that they found it. But if they did find it, then why accuse me of lying?

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe if you weren't such an ass you would have inquired about retrieving the money at a later time, being reasonable, not while the restaurant was busy. If you had an issue in any other establishment or, lets say Walmart, it would require closing the register and counting out the drawer, or calling maintenance to move things and search, but apparently you feel the world should revolve around you and when you don't get what you want when you want you get angry and have to walk out... so mature. Did you bother to leave your name and number for them to contact you? Well, I'm glad they found your $100.00 and I'm sure returned it to you, that's call integrity and honesty. You probably aren't accustomed to that, but then again you are in the business of no integrity.
I won't elaborate on the food or the cost, since those of us who go to diners know... and as to the condition of the restaurant, again those of us who go there know, it's the best! Maybe if the cost of doing business wasn't so outrageous in NY the Dewey's could afford to do some repairs!


Unknown said...

The restaurant was not busy at the time. The response I got, from someone who identified herself as an owner, was that there was nothing they could do.

They have not returned the $100 to me.

I certainly agree about the cost of doing business in New York.

Yet again, the attitude of Dewey's Diner and its supporters (the customer is wrong) flies in the face of sensible business.

Five times in a row, dating back to January of 2007, they have been cited about their ventilation and duct work. And they still haven't fixed it.

Daniel B. said...

I'm glad to see so many other fans of Dewey's out there. Personally it is among my favorites.

Actually, it is among my favorite places to eat in Albany overall.

The sense of time and authenticity there is palpable. This is a diner. It's not everything to everyone. It's breakfast. It's lunch. It's menus written on paper plates hung above the counter. It's crazy amounts of butter used on their potatoes. It's warmth. It's sass.

It is what it is, where far too many places are trying to be what they aren't. And for that, they have a very special place in my heart.

I'm curious to hear about which diners you like better, because in my mind this is hands down the best of the bunch.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so there were no customers in the restaurant at the time? I doubt it. Do you really feel it would have been appropriate for the waitress to drop down on her hands and knees at that very moment?
You state that the woman said "there was nothing they could do", or was it there was nothing they could at that moment or right now?
And, you have conveniently not responded to the question, did you leave your name and number with them? Apparently not, you just stormed off in a huff, like a child.
Have you called them now that you have seen on this post that they found your money?
If the citations for the duct work are of such great concern to you, maybe you should donate your $100.00 to help a struggling local business and they can put some covers on.
You may be right about the customer being wrong, but would you simply hand over $100.00 from your business with out looking into it with someone you had never seen before? I certainly wouldn't expect you to, and you would expect me to understand that you couldn't simply stop you business to accommodate me. So if you were angry, were you being reasonable, according to you not so much since you felt you "had to get out of there".
When you step back and look at this, certainly could look like a scam, wouldn't you say?

Unknown said...

Daniel B - My personal favorite is Mike's Diner in Guilderland. But my post was not intended as a criticism of Dewey's for the food, prices, atmosphere etc. They had a bad moment of customer service, and my post was intended more about that and the humor of the incident (two Seinfeld references, one comparing myself to George Costanza). The folks at Dewey's have no sense of humor nor of their own failings.

What you're seeing from Dewey's is a stunning overreaction - not that many people read this blog and most are looking for specific restaurants. My post about PF Chang's has been read over 4000 times and no one from there has ever complained.

Unknown said...

Anonymous is obviously playing games. I never said there were "no customers". I said it wasn't busy. I never asked the waitress to get down on her hands and knees. I asked her where the duct goes and she said "nowhere."

I'm not calling them again. If they found the money (and hearing it from Anonymous doesn't make it true), then they have a moral obligation to return it.

I never said I was being reasonable. I was angry. Most normal people would be if they lost $100 the way I did, and if they were treated with the same indifference I encountered. Rather than throw a fit (as many of my friends say they would do) I walked away.

It may not have been the perfect way to handle the situation, but I'm not sorry for doing what I did. And so far, the owners of Dewey's don't appear sorry for what they did either. Such is life.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Redlich's comments are unfortunate. This is a fine diner with good food, fair prices and an atmosphere unmatched in the Albany area. They are good honest hardworking people trying to make an decent living in a tough business.

May I suggest you stop by and drop another $100 down the grate. You owe it to them.

Mike T.

Unknown said...

Mike T - Everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

T2K said...

I have been customer of Dewey's Diner for many years and consider myself to be a "regular". I am so much of a regular that I consider them part of my extended family. Personally I have eaten at many diners and what I have noticed is that with most all others. Homefries are prepared in advance. Coffee is extra. Yes I prefer to eat off of the specials menu. I know what the prices are by heart, I know the quality of the food for fact! The price of the food is extremely fair and the owners understand that times are tough and they do their part (sometimes at cost to themselves) to keep the cost of a meal reasonable. I read your comment and know the Deweys on a personal level and I find it difficult believing what you have said. These people have treated me fair and yes I have forgotten items and even lost items there. I gave them my phone number and name and they called to either tell me they found what I was looking for or they did not. You said at the end "not recommended" well that sounds like an opinion I don't share. I say Highly Recommended!!!

Paul said...

I'm both classic diner fan and a breakfast value fanatic and Dewey's is my #1 pick. It ain't corporate like Denny's, nor "specialized" like the Miss Albany or Quintessence, and it isn't trying to be. It's a family run place full of heart, and - as another writer noted - a bit of sass. I like that.

While it's true you can get a cheaper omelet elsewhere, you can also spend a lot more, and you certainly can't get one the likes of the Pasquale (and all it comes with) for a mere $7.

This is where you are clearly wrong.

On the other hand, you may not be wrong about the need for the duct to be covered. Not having more information, I can't really say for sure, but that sounds reasonable.

I was also not there to say whether or not your version of the the conversation with one of the owners is accurate. I think the expected reaction, however, given that the top dog was not in at the time, would be to ask for your contact info and ask you if you would agree to come back at a later time when an effort could be made to retrieve the lost cash.

Unknown said...

Fair comment from Paul. No one asked for my contact info, nor did she tell me the "top dog" wasn't in. I asked to speak to the owner and she told me she was a "part-owner" and that there was nothing they could do.

Should I have remained calm? Sure. Should I have left my name and number. In retrospect that does sound like a good idea. I got angry when I was confronted with her indifference. A lot of people would have made a scene. I walked out to avoid letting my anger get the better of me.

Anonymous said...

Dewey's Diner is a Capital Region landmark! The Dewey family couldn't be more caring and considerate of its customers. I have been to every diner in the area many times over and Dewey's is hands down the best. Great food & Great people. This is a working class, blue collar, American diner at its best. Too bad Mr. "Albany Lawyer" who’s actually a stuck-up suburbanite from Guilderland; brought his stuffy, pompous attitude to the forum. You're a joke of a lawyer, a joke of a candidate and certainly a joke of a food critic! Ride your high horse back to Mike's diner! Good Riddance!!!

Unknown said...

George is gettin' upset!!! :-)

I'm not the horse candidate. That's Carl Paladino. His e-mails are juicier than my blog posts.

Anonymous said...

I'm not playing games... and it's nice to see you finally answered the question... no, you didn't leave your name and number and you weren't acting reasonably. I think Paul has made a good point... but again, sure sounds like a scam to get $100.00.
There was no humor in your post, the reference to Seinfeld may have been an attempt at covering your malice, and I suppose the rest is just your opinion, which you are certainly entitled to.
You say you won't call them again, have you called them at all?
I have no doubt they would return your money, but have you given them a way to contact you or an address to mail the money to you?
I guess nobody wins in this case, and its sad.

Unknown said...

T.C. - They called me. That's detailed in the blog post. Did you read it or are you just attacking me because you like doing so?

If they want to return my $100, they have my number (as evidenced by Marty's call). I'm not going to beg for it. Your harassing comments won't change that.

If you don't get the joke when I compare myself to George Costanza, then you're the one who's out of touch.

rose and john m said...

The one thing I know for sure is a wouldn't vote for you for any office. Your posts are childish and an attempt to create a persona. Dewwy's is a favorite diner of our family and have also found they willing to help customers. They get in volved with the customers and their families. No reasonable person would have given you $100 because you (a stranger) said you lost it in the vent. I don't know if they found it or not but the whole story reeks of an attempt to create a story.

Daniel B. said...

The character of George Costanza is funny on TV when Harvard grads write his lines.

In real life, maybe not so much.

Anger and frustration never get you anywhere. I've always appreciated the advice from Steve on Blue's Clues. Stop. Take a Breath. And think.

Sorry you lost your money. Maybe in the future you will consider tucking large bills safely inside your wallet, and only handle smaller ones in public spaces. You know, now that you have a track record for being careless with your money.

I'm sure there is an allegory in there somewhere.

I will have to try out Mike's. The one time I was there I realized I didn't have enough cash in my wallet and had to leave. But it's on my list.

Unknown said...

That's why I walked out. It's easy to say anger and frustration get you nowhere. But that's the darn thing about being human.

I did stop. I walked outside and took a breath. And I drove away. How many other people would have made a scene in the restaurant. I didn't do that. Not saying I'm perfect, but it could have been a lot worse.

It's amazing how many commenters criticize my behavior, yet so few are concerned with the diner's. Despite repeated flags from the county health department on exactly this issue, none of the commenters seems to think the diner did anything wrong.

Similarly, none of the commenters think the diner should give me my $100 back - at least not unless I beg for it.

Daniel B. said...

I don't know about the nature of your conversation with Marty. But it sounds to me that the diner was willing to give you your $100 back.

Your original post was about how you lost $100 at the diner.

It sounds reasonable that if the money was returned to you, and the major problem you had with the diner is resolved, then the "Not recommended!" verdict should be redacted.

Everyone can move on with their lives. It doesn't feel like begging to me.

Everyone was wrong here.
The diner was wrong for not having the grate covered.
You were wrong for letting anger get the best of you, walking away without a resolution, and rejecting the offer to be compensated for your loss.

There are plenty of ways to apologize without losing face. The one that comes most immediately to mind is, "I'm sorry that it had to come to me writing a blog post go get my lost money back. Thank you for reimbursing my loss. I'll make sure to let everyone know the situation has been resolved."

What's wrong with that?

Unknown said...

The diner was not only wrong for not having the ducts covered. They were also wrong for their indifference to what happened, for their attitude afterwards, and for their failure to return my money unconditionally.

For some reason, there is this persistent notion from Dewey's fans that I'm supposed to apologize for telling the truth. On the other hand Dewey's, in all your eyes, need not apologize for anything.

It's a twisted world.

Daniel B. said...

Is it the diner that is wrong for its indifference, or is it the one woman who said she was a "part-owner."

There is stubbornness on both sides.

As far as I can tell, they are willing to give you your lost money back. All you have to do is go get it.

But if the money isn't as important to you as being "right" then it's your choice to be out of the hundred bucks.

$100 is a lot of omelets. Personally, I wouldn't leave that money on the table.

Unknown said...

Daniel B:
It's not just the indifference. It's the whole way they've handled this.

They're willing to give me my money back? How generous! How do you know that anyway?

You think they have no obligation to return my money. Right? You think I should go there and hope they'll give it back to me. Considering all the nasty comments, going there doesn't seem like a very smart idea to me.

You keep ignoring or minimizing their wrongs and focusing on my conduct. Why?

Daniel B. said...

"They're willing to give me my money back? How generous! How do you know that anyway?"

Um, I know that because you wrote that Marty was going to write you a check for $100.

"You think they have no obligation to return my money. Right? You think I should go there and hope they'll give it back to me. Considering all the nasty comments, going there doesn't seem like a very smart idea to me."

I'd like to answer that question with another question. Say I'm at a movie theater and a very expensive pen falls out of my pocket and rolls out of my aisle. After the feature is over, I look for it, but to no avail. What is the the management of the movie theater obliged to do?

If you dropped your money down a drainage grate, is the city obligated to come and help you fish it out?

I'm not a lawyer, so when I say negligent, I mean it in a legally unbinding kind of way. But it sounds like you were negligent in handling your cash with care. And the diner was negligent to let the duct remain uncovered.

To me it's a wash.

I say that you should go down there and get your money if you were invited to go down there and get your money. There is no hoping involved.

Yes there were nasty comments. Welcome to the Internet. Most of the time even the nastiest people online are still reasonable human beings, who when looking into the eyes of a member of their species, will behave much better than when venting their frustrations on a keyboard.

Not only does going there sound like the smart play, it also sounds like the mature one too.

"You keep ignoring or minimizing their wrongs and focusing on my conduct. Why?"

Because I can actually engage you in a dialog about your behavior. It would be pointless for me to delve into your problems with the part-owner at Dewey's without her around to discuss it with. All I have is your perceptions of her behavior, and that's fine.

Plus, you are the one who put this thing out here. Isn't there some kind of saying about people who are without sin shouldn't live in glass houses, or something like that. ;^)

Unknown said...

I'm hoping to move up to a glass condo someday.

I disagree with your analysis and with some of the facts, but we have beaten this horse so badly they wouldn't even serve the meat at Dewey's.

Anonymous said...

Well ok I have to put it in here because I have worked in many dinners in Albany and you won't get the service or the food anywhere else.If you didn't like the looks of the outside why did you go inside. Once inside you didn't have to stay that was your choice. But you stayed. That was your one and only time in there.You really have no right to say anything about the place for the small time you were in there just don't come back is all. You are a lawyer and must have a few extra bucks, which is good but I think you handle your money carelessly it should of been in your wallet. Now if you did drop it like you said and no one seen it why, I ask you would anyone give it back to you. If the 'daughter,as you put it was in your diner and it happened to her and you being a lawyer and all you wouldn't give it back to her now come on be real. You must take money as just a pleasure thing and really you must of been in a bad mood and looking for somewhere to unload and you found a good spot. Now these other dinners you go to have serious problems also and I can attest to that but if you were sitting at the counter i wouldn't tell you if a roach walked across you eggs while they were waiting to be served to you not on a bet or if one walked over the bread that was being toasted for you. But it happens look in the kitchens sometimes and you'll be amazed. I used to work at Deweys and take in three hundred a day in tips when the trucking outfits were all there but not today that girl is barely making a living and you are helping to put them out of business. they are working their butts off to stay in business,. What the hell were you thinking. that daughter as you put it has a two yrs old son are you going to help support her and him. How about the parents how are they going to survive. they have to work their asses off to stay with it. They do it all by themselves. And you being a lawyer and all mister big man are going to put more New Yorkers out of work. Good for you you should be ashamed of yourself. That dinner has been around sinse the mobster used to play cards with Deweys Mother in the back room. Now the grandkids are growing up together. I want to know just who do you think you are being a lawyer and all that you can come into a neighborhood and destory someones life. WHO??? It really isn't a matter of a hundred dollars it is a matter of principal. You can tell everyone that this is from Chris

Anonymous said...

I dont think your entitled to and opinion you were only in there once. the people that go in there have been boing there all their lives. Now the grandkids are going there. I think you were in a bad mood & looking to unload. If you didn't like the looks of the outside why go in & once inside why stay. but now that you know you don't need to come back. right. Becaue we like it the way it is. Oh & we love all the people that go in there. That dinner has been there since the real mobster were playing cards in the back room with Deweys mother & some. Those people work their asses off to please the people that do come in there and to keep the place going, No one else does it. They dont make a ton of money um like a lawyer and by the way if you did lose a hundred you carry your money very carelessly it should of been in your wallet, it must not have a lot of meaning to you. That daughter as you put it has a two yrs old son are you going to help support her when they go out of business she has been working there all of her working yrs. What about her parents how will they survive, that is where they spent the last fifty yrs or so. I want to know who do you think you are to go into a neighbohood and destroy peoples lives because that is what you are doing. Just because you can. Isn't that great I hope you feel good about that. you should be ashamed. More New Yorkers out of work for a hundred bucks. It is a matter of principle, you can say this is from chris-----cece

Anonymous said...

WOW This was a joke, I find it amazing that you bad mouth a diner that's been around for over 50 years,complain about the large portion breakfast,and say they wouldnot make an effort to give you your money back AFTER YOU LOST IT.
The joke is that you are running for office and acted so foolishly.I think you should pack a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when you go on the road in a larger city ,say New York, and the breakfast is $7.10(no$2.00 tip)you will have something to eat.Oh, when and if you pick up your $100.00 I think you should know that DEWEY'S would have done anything to make your day better.This did't happen in a back alley. You loosing your temper that would have been funny over breakfast..... Good luck on your run for office. Barry P.

Unknown said...

I am entitled to my opinion and you are entitled to yours. I was not complaining about the prices. I was complaining about the way I was treated. Dewey's did not do anything to make my day better - they made it worse. If you bothered to read the blog post you'd know that.

Anonymous said...

Part of this was about the money.You don't want the money back,it has been offered to you.The blog stated that you were n't going to pick it up.DEWEY found it that day after they closed,that's twice the money was yours and you didnot pick it up.The way you were treated well,I think you have a card with all your infomation on it,you should have used it.I buy mine 2000 at a time,there not worth a penny if you don't use them.DEWEY'S have given free meals to people who can't pay,they have helped people with their car trouble,they have baby sat,they give directios,no charge for all day refills on coffee,and many other things that make them what they have been for 50 years.DEWEY is not just a diner,it's a place where hundreds of people go to enjoy their meals with family and friends.What you should do is pick up your money,stop your whinning,and eat somewhere else....Gorden,Karen and Tracy have done all they can do to make you happy. Barry

Anonymous said...

Aren't you the guy running to be governor?
Is going out of your way to push around a small business the you want to run New York state? Who in their right mind would ever want to vote for you anyway?
It isn't real convenient for me to go to Dewey's, but I have been there a few times and thought it was just fine for the kind of place it is. Now that I know they stood up to you and your bullying, I will make it a point to go there more often. I will tell my family and friends to go there too when I tell them not to vote for you.

Unknown said...

I wrote a blog post. How is this pushing someone around or bullying?

Anonymous said...

Oh my god !!
I can't believe you left the server a cheap two dollar tip and have the nerve to take it back!!
You are a lawer and you are complaining about a seven dollar meal and a cheap ass two dollar tip!! I bet you wont even take a case with out a 2000 $ retainer.
Also it sound to me like you have a anger problem. "The anger started boiling in me," "Costanza like rage." Wow really!! And you are running for Are you going to have little temper tantrums in the governers mansion if and I mean if you get in because after reading your article I can most definatly tell you I will not be voting for you!!
I work as a server in a restaurant for a living and if some one gave me a two dollar tip I would have been offended so maybe thats why the girl didn't want to help you.
Also yes you are wrong and out of touch You can't even goto McDonalds for brekfast and get a value meal for seven dollars and they don't serve you, Not that you would tip them any way because you are most definatly very cheap .
Lastly did you make any attemp to get your hundred dollars back? Or did you just throw a little temper tantrum,stiff the waitress and leave.
You definatly need anger management and a realization that the world doesn't revolve around you!!

Unknown said...

Yes, I think a $2 tip is perfectly reasonable for a $7 breakfast in a diner for one person at the counter. It's almost 30%.

I am also quite aware that the world does not revolve around me. It revolves around insiders and incumbents, like Andrew Cuomo. I'm an outsider - the Libertarian candidate.

Thanks for your prediction that I won't win. The Siena poll in March had me at 3%, so I was aware my chances are slim.

If I do get elected and have a temper tantrum or two, that still won't get me anywhere near the personality problems of Paterson and Spitzer.

Oh, and I have gotten breakfast meals at McDonald's. At the ones I go to, it costs much less than $7. The food and service are better at Dewey's, as long as you don't mind the open ducts.

Ken said...

I got a kick out of the person commenting that Albany Lawyer isn't entitled to his opinion. Good stuff.

Your post seems entirely reasonable. If someone told me there wasn't anything they could do, I would be equally upset, no matter how amazing the food might be.

As for something relevant: I stopped at a great little diner in Waterford over the weekend, Don and Paul's, I believe it was called. Steak and eggs was $5.50, omelettes were under $5. A stack of pancakes was $3.

It's a nice stop for cheap food, particularly after riding the bike trail.

By the way, does Blogger expose the IPs of anonymous posters? Some comments seem suspiciously personally tied to this discussion, and the owner did find this.

You seem like a sane, rational guy. Good luck on your run for governor.

Anonymous said...

It all boils down to-

Anonymous said...

ill tell you this much...i grew up with the Deweys,and you would be hard pressed to find any more honest people then the Deweys..presonally i think your trying to get a name for yourself...youre a lawyer????and youre crying over $107.00?????how many houses and imported cars you own???how many people who have less then you wouldnt cry over a hundred bucks???...thats chump money now..ever hear of karma??look it up..lawyers fees are outrageous how many people overpaid this guy and got nothing???i think your slandering a good business,and with the given economics of our state that really isnt going to help much..i think if you have "constanza moments"then i think you have anger issues and need a psychologists help instead of thrashing a hard working small business owner whos been in business longer then youve been alive...and im not the "anonymous"thats been here before

Unknown said...

We own one house and two Japanese cars (made in America). I do have anger issues and probably would benefit from seeing a psychologist. That doesn't change the fact that they failed to keep their diner in good condition and kept my $100.

I love the thinking. I lost $100 and I'm the bad guy. They kept my $100 and they're the good guys. What a wonderful world.

Lou said...

I haven't eaten @ Deweys yet. My daughter is eating there now and liked the home fries. When going to the reviews, I simply expected others reviews of Deweys, but seem to have come across your disagreement.

I saw that Dewey's acknowledged finding the money, but don't see where it was returned. Irregardless of the customers opinions or perceived behavior, isn't returning the money the right thing to do?

I would suggest the customer call and provide his contact info to deweys and for the monies to be returned.

The continued bickering helps neither, but clearly deweys has the most to lose as no business coyld benefit.

Sorry if I intruded with my opinion!

Unknown said...

Thanks Lou. There's really no "continued bickering". The comments are mostly several months old.