Monday, March 29, 2010

Guilderland Restaurant Inspections

Found an interesting page today: Guilderland restaurant inspections. I had looked up one place and gotten a bad impression. But now looking at this list, it seems like most restaurants get tagged. That might say more about the inspection process than it does about the restaurants.


Jeff Vachon said...

I must note that many of the 'blue' violations seem to increase every year for many of the businesses. Could this be another way the inspectors are making money for the county? And remind me to stay away from the NEW MAIN CHINESE BUFFET!

josie said...

I had the same reaction when I saw a link to the Albany restaurant inspections in Albany Jane's blog. After checking several places, it became clear most places do get blue citations. I suppose, just avoid the ones with red ones.

Unknown said...

I went by New Main today and it was closed.