Monday, July 30, 2007

Vin Santo in Latham

My wife likes to do something different on occasion, and this Friday that meant going to show at a small community theatre in Latham. The show, Sunshine Boys, wasn't my cup of tea. On the bright side, we had dinner first at Vin Santo Tapas & Wine Bar, which is in the Latham Farms plaza.

I do like the tapas concept and it was well executed here. We ordered three different tapas items along with two entrees and a couple desserts. Our tapas included chili spiced bean dip, the "tapas plate" (which has 3-4 different items on it), and the artichoke salad. The two entrees were a salad of beets and butter lettuce, and a filet mignon.

Everything was good, but the filet really stood out. It's supposedly a "small plate", and it's not huge. But it was by no means tiny, and the price ($16) is unbeatable for a filet in a quality gourmet-like restaurant. The only comparable deal I can think of is the filet at Miyako's hibachi tables - it's more money but you get more food.

Dessert was good but not the highlight of the meal. I had a creme brulee made with mango. I appreciate the variety offered (the creme brulee apparently changes often), but the mango didn't work for me. Not bad or anything, but not spectacular either. I don't remember what my wife had but I think it was good. Also, we rushed a bit to get to our show.

Now as I've mentioned before, we're not wine people, so I'm missing half or more of what this place is about.

You can read more about the place at their website: Vin Santo Wine Bar.

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Marnen said...

My fiancée and I have eaten here a couple of times and been extremely impressed with the food. The chef is adventurous and skillful -- occasionally an experiment fails (as with your mango crème brulée), but more often he succeeds, at least in our experience. Along with Justin's, I think this ranks as one of the very best non-Asian restaurants in the Albany area.

Next time you're there, for dessert try the Valrhona chocolate on bread with sea salt (!). Wow!