Saturday, July 22, 2006

Provence in Stuyvesant Plaza

My wife and I went to Provence in Stuyvesant Plaza for lunch maybe a week ago. It was not cheap, but it was worth it. We were able to sit outside, which is a nice touch. More places should offer this.

The food was simply excellent. We went overboard. Besides getting soup for me and a salad for her, we also got a cheese platter and then ordered entrees.

The cheese platter thing is a really nice touch. You don't see that at many places. They come out with three or four different cheeses and some bread. We're not talking cheddar and muenster. Stuff you probably wouldn't try unless you go to a place like this.

My soup was fantastic and Heather's salad was nice. Sorry to say I don't remember our entrees, but we were kinda stuffed by the time we got to them. I remember they were good, but can't say more than that.

We will definitely be going back here, though for budgetary reasons it won't be more than once a month.

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