Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Italian Community Center

Some time ago I did a post on Italian restaurants in Albany. In that post I forgot to mention the Italian American Community Center (IACC) on Washington Avenue Extension. Now that it's next door to our new office, I go there at least twice a month. I also just joined as a "Friend of Italy" member. I have travelled in Italy and have Italian-American neighbors, so that seems fair.

The restaurant used to be called "Le Caravelle", but they've dropped that name and the restaurant is now run by Mallozzi's, which is a restaurant operation out of Rotterdam. I think Mallozzi's also runs the food at the Western Turnpike Golf Course (Town of Guilderland).

Anyway, I've been eating at the IACC a lot recently. One key thing to mention is the Greens & Beans. This is a very healthy dish (escarole, beans, and garlic, I'm guessing with olive oil), that happens to taste great. A number of places get this dish wrong, so it's nice to have it right.

They have a good variety on the menu. The lunch menu has less on it, but there's still a lot of choices. I've been getting the an eggplant dish lately (I forget the name, but it's something about rollatini or gondola). I'm also the kind of person who will sometimes order off-menu. If I'm in a particularly health-conscious mood, I'll order pasta with vegetables in olive oil. The IACC handles this without skipping a beat.

The thing about a place like this is their clientele is heavily Italian, so they have to get it right. They consistently deliver good food with the right flavors. And I keep going back.

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