Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ichiban in Guilderland - Chinese

I made some negative comments in the past about Ichiban for their Japanese food. I went there for lunch the other day for Chinese food, and as I expected, it was better.

I had a tofu dish (Szechuan Tofu, I think), and it was fairly good. However, it wasn't perfect and the rice was not done right in my opinion. I should mention here that, having lived in Japan for a year, I'm pretty picky about rice. Most Americans don't notice the difference. In a good Japanese restaurant, and most good Chinese restaurants, the rice should not clump together. It should be fluffy. At Ichiban the other day, the rice had a lot of clumps, and big clumps - as big as my thumb, and I have big hands.

With that said, I would eat there again. There are certainly worse places to eat Chinese food. My current Chinese food favorites are Emperor's on Wolf Road and Ocean Palace on Central. And we love Amazing Wok in Colonie for delivery.


Unknown said...

you should try Gold Key for delivery (New Scotland Ave) and Gold Coin for eat in (New Scotland Ave - Delmar) - they are excellent!

Anonymous said...

Considering that you aren't in Japan, maybe your expectations of the rice are a little too high.

I wonder how good you could expect the Kansas City Barbecue to be in Tokyo.