Monday, April 17, 2006

Mike's Diner

We take the kids to Mike's Diner (at the intersection of Carman Road (146) and Old State Road in Guilderland) for weekend breakfast once in a while.

It's a pleasant place to go. The parking lot can get quite crowded. Good food. French toast, pancakes, eggs, etc. All tasty. They often have special varieties of pancakes, and that's what I usually get.

With my current low-cholesterol kick, I had a Greek salad (yes, for breakfast). It was yummy. There was enough that I had the leftover for lunch.

My wife had eggs, pancakes and hash browns. All delicious as usual. The hash browns are good solid chunks of potato.

My older daughter had french toast. Since she doesn't eat much, I had to help her. Tough life being a dad. Okay, I only had a little, but it was decent french toast. I tend to like my own french toast better, but I never make it any more.

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