Friday, November 18, 2005

Karavalli - Indian restaurant in Latham

I've gotten somewhat addicted to this place. Considering that there are a number of Indian places closer to my home and office, my frequency of visits says something.

Anyway, like many Indian restaurants, it has a lunch buffet. I think Sunday might also be a buffet, but nicer and more expensive.

The food is excellent. Also important is the variety. There are a number of dishes on the menu that one does not find in most other Indian restaurants in Albany. I should note that I found out about it in a review in the Times Union.

Most of my meals there have been the lunch buffet. This place has a nicer atmosphere and the food is a cut above most of the other buffet restaurants. I have also ordered from the regular menu 2 or 3 times, and the food was better still.

A commenter on the TU review said Sitar is better. I do love Sitar, but I can't say it's better. Both are good, and a cut above the rest in the area. Sitar also has a great atmosphere and excellent food. Karavalli has more variety, and at least lately, I've been going to Karavalli. Sitar does not have a buffet, which can be good or bad depending on your preferences. I tend to think they're just different.

I should not forget to mention dessert at Karavalli's buffet. The gulab jamun and the carrot thing (I forget what it's called) are both delicious. The rice pudding is nothing special - not bad, but not a cut above like the rest of the food.


Unknown said...

An anonymous negative comment was made about this restaurant. I don't like anonymous comments in general, and this particular comment was poorly written and very inconsistent with my experience (and I've been there several times). As such, I've rejected the comment. If the commenter wishes to resubmit, without anonymity, I will reconsider.

Anonymous said...

I usually go to Latham Biryani (that has delicious biryani), but I occassionally go to Karavalli for a change.
I used to go to Karavalli on Hamburg St@Rotterdam[that closed :-(( ]. The person managing it had good personal skills. But the one @Latham sucks!!!....They charge 15% tip even at buffet..(mandatory...can u beleive this)...this is what their management has decided. The ambience is if you are in a fish market....quality of food is average to good (sweet dishes are usually bad...but I am lucky...I do not like sweets). Well I am Indian and I have eaten gulab jamum and gajar halwa (the one you mentioned with carrots) wife and friends taste it (hoping to get lucky)...but usually they are out of luck.

I have paid 0% - 25% in tips at various places....but that all depends on quality of food and service (that is what I think drives the tip amount)....and not making it mandatory

Unknown said...

I disagree with Rakesh. Karavalli has a nicer atmosphere than Latham Biryani, which is in an old Pizza Hut. I have never seen a mandatory tip there either. I'm not from India and so am less qualified to comment on food quality, but I like the food at both places. Friends who are from India consistently say that Sitar has the best quality in the area. What's nice about Karavalli is the variety on the main menu (i.e. if you're not eating the buffet).