Friday, November 18, 2005

Amazing Wok

Our favorite Chinese place in the area is Amazing Wok in Colonie (near the Price Chopper at 155 and Central). It's a take-out and delivery place. There are only a couple of tables. We order from them maybe two or three times a month.

A big signal with Amazing Wok is they get the Hot & Sour Soup right. Seems like most places don't have the right flavor. I often get Szechuan Beef and that's really good. I occasionally order cold sesame noodles as an appetizer. Again, very good. We order a variety of other items and it's all good. Prices are reasonable, delivery is timely, and just overall a good experience.

Sometimes you have trouble communicating over the phone with them, but patience usually gets you through it.

I should also give a brief mention to the Dumpling House, which is one of my favorites in the area, but we just don't get there all too often now with 2 kids. The dumplings there are quite good (get the 12-piece combo), and the other food is good too. A lot of Chinese I know in the area also like Ocean Palace.

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Anonymous said...

the idiots who are two blocks from me and whom i had ordered from regularly at work cant figure out how to deliver two blocks from their address, we are done with them