Monday, April 20, 2009

Restaurant Review Writing

Some time back someone criticized the quality of writing on this blog. I can't really argue, since I have no training in this kind of writing. But yesterday I saw an example of great writing about restaurants:

Good Grub and the Spirit of Capitalism

The author talks about some great New York City restaurants and laments that restaurants in Chicago are not as good. He ties this into the very demanding customers in the Big Apple and the stoic diners in the Windy City. In the process he names a number of restaurants in NYC that I'll have to try the next few times I visit.


kimberlychica said...

I have noticed your lack of reviews as of it due to the above-mentioned critic? Hope not! (- you offer a disclaimer right on the blog, stating that you are not an expert! People and their negativity is OUTTA control!)
Liked the article - true how people's dining expectations and attitudes change with the location

Unknown said...

my writing is driven by the muse and lately she has been absent or pushing in other directions. The critic had no effect.

Anonymous said...


Having lived in the midwest, I think the lower dining expectations in Chicago must be due to the timezone.

In Central time, all the good TV shows are on a hour earlier. In the rush to get to the boob-tube, viewers have less time in the fancy restaurants and are therefore less demanding.


Anonymous said...

Chicago has amazing reaturants and you must know know where to go then.I have had amazing food there. Do you need some help with this selection?