Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Chatham House (yes, in Chatham)

I only had a salad, so I can't write much. On my way to Austerlitz Town Court near Chatham, I was running early. So I drove around a little (slowly, gotta be careful in Chatham), and found Chatham House. Seems to be three different restaurants inside. I ate in the tavern, and there also seems to be a Lippera's, and then also Chatham House itself. But I could be wrong about such details. I thought I saw three distinct menus, with a good variety on each.

Anyway, I was in a small hurry, so I just went into the tavern and had a Caesar Salad with shrimp and bacon (leave it to me to find a high-cholesterol salad). It was pretty good. The four large shrimp were grilled. The bacon was not as tender as I like, but I didn't ask, and it was still good. Actually, I have to say that the bacon seemed to be a very high quality cut of meat -- thick, with excellent flavor. The dressing was also good. With a coke, the total was a bit over $20 with tip. This was enough for a meal. It was 4 hours ago and I'm not hungry yet (but I'll still snack before bed - naughty boy).

Now I gotta find an excuse to go back when I have more time. I did just get hired on a ticket in Chatham, so we'll see.

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Kathleen said...

Warren Reidlich,
I enjoy your detailed food blog, and look forward to future posts.
I included your blog in a recent post on my blog, Wine and Stories from the Vineyard at

Thanks again,
Kathleen Lisson
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