Thursday, February 02, 2006


I went to Brueggers on Sunday for lunch. Trying to eat very low cholesterol, so I had what I think is called the Mediterranean bagel (it has hummus), and I had a soup. I wasn't impressed with either one. In the past I've liked some things at Brueggers. The bagels themselves are good, and I remember liking the Santa Fe bagel sandwich. But the hummus was a letdown, and the soup was nothing special. Not bad or anything, but it just didn't have that special something.

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Marnen said...

Which Brueggers did you go to? I have the feeling that there's some variation in quality between locations. For myself, the Mediterranean is one of my favorite things there -- and I'm a hummus snob. (OK, the hummus itself isn't that great, but it combines very well with the dried tomato relish.)