Sunday, January 22, 2006

Via Fresca

I went to Via Fresca about a week ago. It's sort of a restaurant. Basically it's a take-out place, but with high-quality food. They have a great selection of De Cecco pastas and other Italian gourmet foods on some shelves. They also have a variety of prepared foods - entrees and other items they've made. Some of it is in a cooler, and there are also two counters where someone will put things together for you. I think they also have sandwiches.

I just popped in to see it, as it's not too far from my office. I picked up a few items, including a whole wheat De Cecco spaghetti, and some prepared items. Now I don't even remember what I had, but I remember it was good. The place has a very nice feel to it -- they just opened in December.

Tough thing for them is that they're on the south, or eastbound, side of Western Avenue, near Crossgates. I would think most people who might want to pick up dinner there would be coming westbound, and so would have to make two left turns - one to get in and another to get out. Sad that something like that can matter, but it might.

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Anonymous said...

Not been to the place yet, but Via Fresca just catered a business lunch where I work. The food was wonderful! Some kind of penne pasta in a mushroom (portabella?) alfredo sauce, and a salad of baby-spinach leaves/ dried cranberries/ bleu-cheese chunks with a creamy balsamic dressing. YUM! Certainly incentive to go there and check out the rest of the menu.