Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Garcia's and other Mexican

This is a tough one. We like going to Garcia's. Our older daughter likes it too - a good place to bring kids. The food is pretty good. It's probably one of the best Mexican places in Albany.

But there's the rub. I went to college in Houston, Texas, and also lived in California for three years. When you consider that I think the Mexican food in California wasn't all that great (except for a recent dinner in LA), it's not surprising when I say that being the best in Albany is not saying all that much.

But with that said, we like Garcia's. I like the fajitas. My wife usually orders enchiladas or something like that.

I also go to Moe's Southwest Grill some. I've turned that down a notch with my frustrating low-cholesterol kick. Moe's is also pretty good. It's a bit better than Taco Bell (I'm almost ashamed to admit I like Taco Bell), but it's more than a bit more expensive.

Lately I've been ordering the big burrito (all the items have funky names, but I can't remember the name of the burrito yet - maybe the homewrecker?). I used to get the same thing in the form of a salad, but the lettuce isn't all that special.

Still a good place to go once in a while.

I hear good things about Mexican Radio in Hudson, but that's a long drive from Albany. We talk about it but haven't made it there yet.


Anonymous said...

Garcia's and Moe's don't represent Mexican food in the Albany area thankfully.

El Mariachi (a personal favorite), El Loco and Bombers Burritos are the best for Mexican in the Albany area. Night and day compared to what Garcia's and Moe's try to do (recently went to Moe's for the first time and it's 1/2 star above a Taco Bell.. bleck).

Unknown said...

Excellent comment! I should not have left Bombers out. I haven't been to El Mariachi yet, so I can't comment on that. I haven't been to El Loco in a long, long time (probably over 10 years now), but I did not like it when I was there.

I don't think the comment is fair to Garcia's. For Albany, Garcia's is decent Mexican food. They have a good variety, the food tastes good, and it is a great place to bring kids too. Still not on the same level as what you'll find in Tejas or California, but for Albany, it's pretty good.

I've been back to Moe's a few times recently because I discovered they have tofu. I like their burritos when you load 'em up with stuff -- I skip the sour cream and get double guacamole, and they have cilantro and some nice hot peppers (the little chopped ones).