Tuesday, November 15, 2005

BFS Restaurant

I should have posted about BFS before. BFS is right in front of my office - both buildings are on the same parcel of land. The food is generally Mediterranean, but with a good variety of other items. There is a deli counter and regular tables. The restaurant also does a lot of catering.

Before I go further, I should mention that the owner of BFS (Shaw Rabadi) is the owner of my building, so he is my landlord. So I may have a bias on this. But then again, I eat there twice a week, so I don't think this is bias talking.

First of all, there are a lot of great sandwiches. Then there are other good entrees. My big things there are soups and the Mediterranean items. Shaw makes fantastic soups. There are usually three soups, and they vary all the time. One of his best is the Butternut Bisque. He also makes a good chili. You never know what soup he'll have, but with three choices, you can be pretty sure there'll be one you'll like.

My favorite Medi dish is the Lebanese Maza Sampler. It has hummus and a couple of other similar items (I think baba ganooj is one of them), and comes with dolma (grape leaves stuffed with rice), tabouleh, and there's more.

Finish with a baklava.

I should mention that the servers are also excellent. They know the menu and can offer good advice. And I should also mention they just changed to a new set of herbal teas.

Highly recommended.

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